Fender Custom Shop / 1966 Jazz Bass Journeyman relic Aged Olympic White【S/N R94840】【渋谷店】
EMG ACTIVE HUMBUCKING PICKUPS 81-7H 〔7string Metal Cap Active Pickup〕(Chrome)《エレキギター用ピックアップ/ハムバッカータイプ》
Bacchus WJB-BP/Act

【高額売筋】 YAMAHA Blue【中古】【ヤマハ】【ベース】【エスビー】【日本製】【国産】 SB-7A-エレキベース

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Appeared in SB series in the 1960s, it is what has become the prototype of the SBV. You get the impression that is sophisticated enough to do not think that it only this old thing from the sound. The reception is missing with a texture, such as the mass there is the thickness, the rear is made to light with a sense of speed that is crisp, low-end is characteristic of mid-range is the effect is profound feeling is sweep in the mix.

Not a string height, such as the high-end base, but the possible setting of the order of 2.5-3.0mm. 13 fret is slightly higher, depending on how to play sticks 11, 12 fret is last on the list. Rod operation confirmed. The assembly has been all exchange at GIB. Montreux handling domestic pot, Belden has built-in wire, in switchcraft jack. Although Considering the age it is a beautiful article, please check the good image because there is a feeling of use to the whole.

Historic one, would like to take this opportunity.

None accessories.
3 months warranty.

For the consignment, shipping nationwide uniform \ 3000 yen

All items are shipped tracked and insured. All import duties or customs fees are the buyers responsibility - please be aware of the requirements for your country. If you have any questions please ask."
Fender American Original '60s Jazz Bass RW 3-Color Sunburst エレキベース
ENGL POWERBALL II [E645II] + 2x12 Pro Cabinet [E212VHB] SET 【購入特典3点セット付き】

【高額売筋】 YAMAHA Blue【中古】【ヤマハ】【ベース】【エスビー】【日本製】【国産】 SB-7A-エレキベース

Fender ジャズ Bass ネック - Maple Fingerboard (海外取寄せ品)
Bacchus 《バッカス》 GLOBAL Series IKEBE ORIGINAL HWL5-CUSTOM24/MG [5-strings Bass] (CB/コスモブラック)

【高額売筋】 YAMAHA Blue【中古】【ヤマハ】【ベース】【エスビー】【日本製】【国産】 SB-7A-エレキベース

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Seymour Duncan DUALITY TB Bridge Black 【安心の正規輸入品】